• Hello! Welcome to my home page.

    The first photo I took in Japan.

    Welcome to my site. I want to share a bit about who I am and what I've done.

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    I will write some thing here. Maybe my thinking, reports or travel notes.

  • Experiences

    Waseda University - IPS

    IPLAB(Sep. 2017-Present)

    Tutor: Professor TANAKA.

    Interest: Lifelog.

    Wuhan University -

    International school of software (Graduated)

      Spatial information and digital technology(Sep. 2013 -Jul.2017)

    Tutor: Professor Meng .

    Interest: Spatial Programming

  • About me


    I'm very interested in emerging technologies. VR, AR, Artificial intelligence and so on. Every new idea may change the world, which is so cooooooool! Besides, I like cooking and traveling very much. Loving life is very important.

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